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Surgical procedures are performed in our accredited (AAAASF) Surgical Facility.

Brow / Forehead Lift

Raises position of eyebrows and forehead and makes eyes appear larger.

Eye Lift (Blepharoplasty)

Removes excess, loose skin and puffy fat pockets of upper and lower lids.


Tightens face, improves neck laxity, reduces fat, sharpens chin and neck angle, and makes the entire face more youthful.

Pre-Jowl / Pre-Jowl Chin Implants

Improves receding chin and fills out areas adjacent to jowls that make you appear tired and angry.

Phenol / Croton Oil Peels

Erases lines, brown spots and sun damage on the face. Also helps tighten laxity.

Skin Cancer

Treatment of skin cancer and repair of defects from skin cancer.

Injectables are performed painlessly in our comfortable office suites.


Helps diminish lines and wrinkles, raises eyebrows, and makes eyes look more open.

Filler Injections

Helps replace lost volume of lips, cheeks, chin and nasolabial folds (smile lines). Minimizes lines of the upper lip, chin, mouth and cheek area. Improves horizontal neck lines and texture.